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This page is dedicated to an ever-growing list of some fun side projects throughout the years



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Role: Internal Director

FLUX has been a staple in my college experience since freshmen year. The Future Leaders of UX Club is a student-run organization, focused on creating community and engaging learning moments within the design school here at SCAD. I've been an officer for FLUX, helping lead the club and events, since my sophomore year, working across mentorship, design sprints (yay StartUp 2021!), and now as co-leader with @Andrew Goodridge. This club has gifted me so much over the past four years, and I can't wait to see it grow more. Keep up with what we're doing @scadflux!


LIT Club

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Role: Internal Administrator

It's been an honor to be a part of LIT since it's foundation as Ladies in Tech! In time, we've grown and evolved into SCAD's Leaders of Inclusive Thinking Club. As members of LIT, we hold workshops, community outreach meetings, mentorships, and guest speakers, all focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion both at SCAD and in the design industry. I've personally been Mentorship Manager and now Internal Communications Admin within the officer team. @LIT has created such an incredible community at SCAD, and look forward to seeing where LIT goes in the future.


Industrial Design Builds


The industrial design department at SCAD is the definition of work hard, play hard. As a UX major, we get to do a good bit of physical prototyping in addition to our more digital UX work. And that physical prototyping has become some of my favorite memories and favorite ways to create. I've had my hands in projects such as a mechanical bug suit with wings and lights corresponding to music, and even an interactive phone booth experience, which we code, built, and presented tot he dean of design in the prototype video above. I've learned so much from these hands-on experiences, and am so excited to continue to build in my professional life.


Animal Rescue


Since I was young, my biggest passion has always been animal rescue. I can blame it mostly on my parents, who would always pull over if we saw a dog on the side of the road. I've always been surrounded by rescue animals, growing up with dogs more than twice the size of me, and known as a regular around our local animal shelter. When I got to college, I continued the joy of volunteering, specifically becoming a lead volunteer for our larger kennel dogs in the Savannah area. Today, I continue my work with @Renegade Paws Rescue and am looking forward to continuing my relationship with rescue in the future.

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